Jul 02, 2021
Smackdown Results-July 2nd,2021

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– We go back to the ring as Sonya Deville makes her way out. We see how she named Carmella to the Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match last week. Deville will name another participant tonight. She waits in the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Deville is in the ring. She says it’s her pleasure to announce the next entrant into the Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match – Zelina Vega. The music hits and out comes Vega making her return to the company.

Vega says hello to Deville and says yes, it’s nice to see Vega. Vega says it’s Deville’s pleasure to announce her return, as it will be Vega’s pleasure to capture that briefcase. She goes on about how she will wait until the chosen Women’s Champion is beaten and down, then she will cash in and fulfill her destiny of becoming the WWE NXT, RAW or SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The music interrupts and out comes Liv Morgan. She’s still upset about Carmella being put into the MITB Ladder Match, when she feels like she deserves a spot, and now Vega is being given an opportunity. Liv enters the ring and goes on about how Vega doesn’t deserve to be in the match, saying she hasn’t even competed on SmackDown all year. How is that fair? Vega says she’s competed in rings like this one for years, and is one of the most popular WWE Superstars in history, and can run circles around Liv, embarrassing her and showing what an amateur Liv is.

Liv smacks Vega and tells her to prove it. Liv asks Deville is Liv can prove it in a match right now. Deville apparently makes the match as we go to commercial with Liv and Vega arguing.

Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega

Back from the break and Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega is underway. They go at it early on and Vega tries for a move on the middle rope. We see Carmella watching the match from backstage.

Vega charges and takes Morgan down for a 2 count. Vega takes Morgan to the corner and works her over, putting her back down. Vega charges and delivers a running knee to the face for a 2 count. Vega shows some frustration now. Liv rolls Vega for 2. They trade roll-ups again.

Vega tries to use a handful of tights but the referee catches her and yells at her. Liv takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Vega up, also using a handful of tights, for the pin to win.

Winner: Liv Morgan

– After the match, Vega seethes as Liv celebrates while her music hits. Vega keeps trying to go for Liv but the referee stops her. Liv heads up the ramp, taunting Vega.

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